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Custom Pellets

Whether the custom product is a small peptide or a large protein, a lymphokine or a cytokine, a growth factor or an antibody, an anti-hormone or an inhibitor, we have the proper technology that produces ready-to-implant custom pellets.

Please select the price  for the number of pellets and release time for your desired custom pellets to proceed to our Custom Pellet Information Form .  Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge so we can better serve your needs.

Number of Pellets Up to 21 days
Cat. No. X-999
Up to 60 days
Cat. No. SX-999
Up to 90 days
Cat No. NX-999

Each Custom Order will include 25 Placebo Pellets Free of Charge.
Above Prices are for one product in one dose.
Click here for additional Placebo prices.

We can also design time-release pellets in any size, shape or dose.
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