About Our Time Release Pellets

The unique engineering of the (MDD) Pellet System integrates the three principles of diffusion, erosion, and concentration gradients. It generates a finished pellet with a biodegradable matrix that effectively and continuously releases the active product in the animal.

The pellet delivery system can help the investigator take charge of standardizing and reproducing research results. It helps overcome problems commonly encountered by researchers who employ conventional delivery methods.

Available Shapes and Sizes

Stock pellets range in diameter from 1/8" to 1/2" depending on the dose and release rate. Customized pellets in various shapes and sizes are also available to meet your research needs.

Available Dosages

Most stock products are available in 20 dosages ranging from 1 microgram (0.001 mg) per pellet up to 200 milligrams (200 mg) per pellet within the specified release rate. Customized dosages are also available to meet your research needs. Pellet doses reflect the total amount of net active product released over the indicated period of time.

Available Release Rates

Stock products are designed to release continuously for 21 days, 60 days or 90 days. Customized pellets tailored for the duration of your experiment are also available by request.

Available Products

In our continuing quest to make available new stock items that were particularly in demand, we have added several products to the original Categories. In addition to the listed pelletized products, Innovative Research of America has an efficient Custom Pellets Department to prepare products that are not available as stock items.

Proven Effectiveness

Researchers from around the world have documented in scientific literature the advantages of our time release technology over conventional delivery methods. For over two decades, the MDD Pellet System has proven to be effective, consistent, economical, reliable and safe for the animal. Perhaps more importantly, scientists can expect more meaningful and reproducible research results by utilizing the MDD Pellet System. Samples of publications can be found by clicking on References or available from IRA by request.