Advantages of the Pellet Delivery System

The Research Problem

Since it is not easy to administer drugs and hormones orally to research animals, several delivery methods have been devised as alternatives. However, most scientists continue to labor with unreliable injectables to conduct their research.

Because of this inadequacy, biomedical research is as confusing as it is challenging and as frustrating as it is creative. The options of scientists to address scientific questions are not only dependent, but are also limited by the process of active product delivery. Traditionally, product delivery into the experimental animals can become a logistic nightmare for the scientist.

Advantages of Our:   Matrix-Driven Delivery (MDD) Pellet

  • Saves time
  • Ready-to-implant
  • Insures controlled product release over time
  • Avoids "peak and valley" effects
  • Guarantees consistent product preparation
  • Extends product life against spontaneous breakdown
  • Extends product life against host-related breakdown
  • Minimizes experimental variables
  • Insures safety of the experimenter
  • Reduces neurophysiological trauma to animal/no excessive handling
  • Generates more meaningful and reproducible results
  • Superior to conventional delivery methods
  • Enhances experimental efficiency
  • Frees valuable time for creative research
  • Saves money